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  1. c3dx cmi8738 pci-sx hrtf audio com IBM ThinkPad R40 Cisco Systems Mini PCI Wireless LAN Driver v3.8.26.01 Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 98/Me/2000/XP IBM ThinkPad Cisco Systems Mini PCI Wireless LAN D Windows 98/Me/2000/XPPlatform.

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  3. Without such cmi8738 pci-sx hrtf audio com being made available, it would be difficult for you to purchase products, have products delivered to you, receive customer service, provide us feedback to improve our products and services, or access certain services, offers, and content on the Cmedia website.

  1. Driver C-Media CMI 8738 PCI Audio contains an audio card component for the CMI8738 PCI Audio card from Cmedia. It is a free utility with the audio card’s driver for Windows which provides support to improve the performance of your CMI8738 PCI audio.

  2. I lost the audio driver program of my windows xp computer , the copy of a C3DX HSP56 CMB738/PCI SX HRTF AUDIO COM audio driver thank you I think you mean CMi8738- You can download from CMedia Support.

  3. The audio driver for Cmedia's CMI8738 PCI Audio card features various Cmedia utilities including Cmedia's HRTF 3D technology, echo and EAX support, .

CM6300, CM6300 driver for Windows 8, VER 1.04, Upoad 2016-05-05, DOWNLOAD CMI8738-SX, Windows XP/2000, VER 8.17.34, Upoad 2016-05-05.

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C-Media CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device sound card drivers. Install drivers automatically. DriverPack software is absolutely free of charge. Available drivers.