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  • NI Massive Bass Presets, UK House Sounds, Garage Basslines, Distorted Bass, Sub Bass, Effected Bass at Loopmasters.com.Kickstart your next project with samples from 808 Massive Presets by Jiad. Browse, preview and download all 0 samples loops, or download only the sounds you want. Start with a 14-day free trial, then just .99/month.Presenting a modulated, tearing collection of drum and bass presets for Native Instruments Massive synth, including ripping reece basses, ambient drones, modded chords, deep pads, growling leads and sequenced elements.

  • This article explains how to set up MASSIVE to create a sub-bass sound as It is often helpful to begin creating a new patch by selecting a preset sound that .Perfect 808 Kick (Trap Kick Bass), Presets and Patches for Massive,Trap Kick Bass (808) Synthmob Digital Sound Marketplace and Sound Design Community. Buy, Sell and Share Loops, Samples and Synth Presets.サブベースの作り方。ダンスミュージックなどでは、サブベースは必要不可欠といってもいいと思うのですが、どの帯域でどのようなフレーズが望ましいでしょう?自分はmassiveでsine波を選択しただけの音を使っています。.

  • ここではダウンロードを行ったNative Instruments社のシンセサイザー音源「Massive(マッシブ)」のプリセットを「Browser」へ追加し、快適に使用するための手順を解説していきます。.Fat Reese Bass in Massive Tutorial (free Presets VJ Clips included Designing a Huge NI Massive Reese Bass – Native Instruments Massive.Video 3 – Massive 808 and Sub Bass Tutorial [Knowledgeable Audio] In this video Knowledgeable Audio build a detailed sub bass patch that is designed with a number of additional macro controls so that the core sound.

  • Hard-hittting complextro presets for Massive, very versatile and easy-to-use. Hard, filthy complextro sounds. Easy to use no macros, you can easily see which knobs are modulated. You can make endless new sounds.AudioBombsにて、ダブステップ・エレクトロハウス向けのワブルベースなどが収録された無料Massive用プリセット『Free Complextro/Dubstep Bass Patches for Massive Vol. 2』がリリースされました。 プリセットの作成者はDeadly.Starting up a new series! Im going to be making some massive patches and releasing them to everyone! Of course im going to start with a nice sub bass because.

  • Hey guys, i've gotten pretty good at making dirty synths in massive. my only problem is creating a booming sub bass to go along with it. evrything i make Hard to tell without knowing the patch, but I guess you forgot the keyfollow.DownloadSub focus reese bass massive patch. Free FILE Download There s a 32-bit and prolonged feature does as Sub focus reese bass massive patch Unhappy fuels are to be did very noticeably to fund generation farms.Ultimate List of Free Massive Presets Ultimate Lists 4 Comments If you’re looking for free Massive presets and sound banks you came to the right place!.

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When deciding on a sub bass sound for your track, it can be tempting to opt for a straightforward, single sine oscillator-based patch. If your mix already has a lot of heavy synth sounds.Bass Making a Bass Patch in NI Massive Teacher Nurve Macabre Unit Categories Bass, Native Instruments, NI Massive, Synthesis, Tutorial Choose a Membership To Watch Choose a Membership To Watch Playlist 00:00.Massive用プリセットが514個収録。作成者はPulseというダブステップ、トラップ系のアーティスト。 2013年から作り溜めていたものらしく、Pulseの楽曲でも実際に使用されているようです。ワブルベースやグロウルなど、現代のEDMシーンに.

If you're looking for free Massive presets and sound banks you came to the 10 must have bass patches form Durk Kooistra, one of lead sound designers.This product features 60 bass patches for Native Instruments' Massive. Each patch has all eight macros carefully mapped to make each patch as instantly playable as possible. Our price .88 USD £14.95.This article explains how to set up MASSIVE to create a sub-bass sound as featured in the KOMPLETE Trutorial video The Jackhammer. The example patch described in this setup can be downloaded as attachment.

A short video showing a couple of patches I made. Use these for creating sounds similar to those of Netsky, Maduk and Wilkinson! Sub Bass - http://www.mediaf.Oct 4, 2017 Free Preset Pack From BassGorilla (Massive, Serum, Sylenth) 21 Sylenth Presets; wobble basses, growl basses, reese basses, sub basses, .Sep 27, 2015 I just finished a blog post on the key to a FAT sub bass with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Massive. 3000+ words and 24 images.

  1. Contains 10 different bass patches for Massive 1.3.0 Back with some more filthy complextro sounds! No added after effects were used in the demo clip, the sounds are exactly as you hear them. If you like my sounds.KSD Batch Convertは、旧版のMassiveのプリセットの拡張子である.ksdを.nmsvに変換して使えるようにするものです。 (同フォルダ内に変換した場合は変換し終わっても.ksdのファイルは削除されないので、 購入したmassiveのプリセット集.MASSIVEのプリセットを読み込む方法について勉強してみます。MASSIVE用として多くのプリセットが配布されています。たぶん業界で一番多いのではないでしょうか?そのうち無料プリセット探しの旅も… MASSIVEにはサウンド専.

  2. APP點子有最夯sub bass massive wonders介紹以及sub bass massive attack 35筆1頁,sub bass massive在線討論,The Difference Machine is a music studio album recording by BIG BIG TRAIN (Crossover Prog/Progressive."Samplestate is delighted to release the second volume of our best selling patch product designed for Native Instruments Massive. UK House, Garage and Bass Vol2, is again squarely focused on the all important bass patches.MASSIVEには、プロのサウンドデザイナーやアーティストなどが作成した1300個もの音色プリセットが搭載されているので、楽曲に合わせた最適なものを選び音作りをすることが可能です。 音色プリセットは、タイプやモードに分類されて.

  3. DLR - Labsamples - Bad Boy Bass 'Massive' Patch Series - Bass Making Tutorial Yoooooo here's a short, and hopefully helpful video explaining a simple method of creating a reese b Yoooooo here's a short, and hopefully helpful.Bass Music for NI Massive delivers a versatile collection of dubstep presets, bouncy Garage-House bass, gritty house organs and lush pads for dubstep, drum and bass and bass house production. Download.Step 2: This patch is definitely strong - we've added a touch of PSP VintageWarmer 2 for some analogue filth as well. To rein things in a little, we apply a bit of EQ to take out the sub, giving a tiny boost at around 350Hz.

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If you're looking for free Serum presets and wavetables you came to the right place! Every free Serum preset available online. Helix for Xfer Serum The ultimate Future Bass/Melodic pack for Xfer Serum! Helix includes 150 inspiring.Massive presets of all colours and shapes, from the baddest basses and most monumental of synth leads to glistening pads and far beyond - this is what waits for you in the royalty-free, production-ready ModeAudio presets collection.- All 8 Macros assigned on each patch. Audio Demo PURCHASE NOW Patch List AT Dark Modular Drone AT Sensi.

Stream Perfect Sub Bass - Free Serum Preset + Tutorial by BVKER.COM from desktop or your mobile device SoundCloud Perfect Sub Bass - Free Serum Preset + Tutorial.Stream (Massive Preset #1) Warm Sine Sub Bass by FreeAbletonDownloads from desktop or your mobile device SoundCloud (Massive Preset.50 MIDI Loops (Wobble, Sub Bass, Synths, Pads Arps) Ask a Question Sale Dubstep Metropolis Massive Synth Presets Download Instantly, 100% Royalty-Free .55 .58.

Do you really understand how to make sub bass? Sub bass is an essential element in today’s modern dance music, and that goes tenfold for bass music! First, here are some of the problems you may be having: Clicking sounds.Learn how to make a large, warm, and nasty trap bass style bass hit. like an 808. only better! Free instrument rack massive patch inside! Posted on Jul 6, 2015 How to make the best 808 style.This is Samplestate’s first patch product designed for Native Instruments Massive. Focusing on bass patches for UK House, Garage and Bass productions. Inspired from artists such as Gorgon City, Route 94, Disclosure, Shadow.