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  • Sep 30, 2018 XBRL, which stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is an XML-based language for tagging financial data, and enabling .

  • FactsConverter© is Aguilonius’ easy-to-use but advanced software plug-in on Microsoft Excel. The tool enables you to prepare your reports directly in Excel workbooks and to convert data in the XBRL format.

  • Microsoft Office: Memory problems in Excel. TOPICS A number of software tools designed to fully exploit XBRL data are now available. Because many .

  • BizFinx preparation tool may be used by companies to prepare XBRL financial statements in Microsoft® Office menu bar directly, or under.

  • So, to bring XBRL to a wider business audience, Microsoft Corp. has released the Microsoft Office Tool for XBRL--a free, but important, enhancement--for the 2003 versions of Excel.

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Microsoft® Visual Studio® Tools For Office® Runtime (VSTOR) 3.0: Download The CBRD iFile Client Tool Installer will then proceed to install the template .

Tap Into XBRL's Power the Easy Way. The Microsoft Office Tool for XBRL benefits all financial reporting participants. BY JEFFREY W. NAUMANN. April.

  1. 2 XBRL Planning Considerations The Disclosure Management Mapping Tool enables taxonomy concepts to be mapped to data in a Microsoft Office .

  2. Overview: The Microsoft Office Tool for XBRLTMPrototype is a demonstration of how you can easily create or analyze XBRL documents directly from within Microsoft Office Excel.

  3. XBRLAnalyst provides you with convenient Excel access to the financial reports of Simply report the issue using our new built-in Excel tool support_icon MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or Office 365; Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista.

The BizFin preparation tool is provided by ACRA free-of-charge to MS Office 2016, Home and Business, Standard, .

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Rivet’s product enabled Microsoft employees to tag financial documents in XBRL directly from within Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel®. By making it easy to employ XBRL, the application is helping Microsoft participate in the SEC program and supporting the company’s commitment to financial leadership.

Microsoft's Office 11 release in April 2003 will make every investor who uses Excel aware that if company information was XBRL-enabled, he or she could analyze more companies, more deeply, as there would be no need to read through.